Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Gloom & Doom.

Went beating yesterday and got oh so cold in the freezing foggy miserable weather conditions, saw only one Woodcock and little else of interest although a keeper was telling me of three dead Buzzards he had recently come across plus another on its last legs. He wondered if I had any idea why they were in such a bad way and my guess is the repeat applications of toxic Slug Pellets that have been plonked on the farmland in an attempt to get on top of  the gigantic Slug population that the continued wet weather has brought about, he had already reached the same conclusion.
The incredible beauty of the frosted tree and hedgerow shapes picked out in the silvery freezing conditions are a joy to behold and I really ought to post a nice photo to demonstrate, but i'm in the warm now so sorry but i'm afraid you'll just have to use your imagination.
Garden birds busy eating all the grub i've put out for them especially my very handsome male Blackcap.
Hoping to see many of you at tonights OOS meeting.
I'm told the Dipper has been showing close to Witney on the Windrush recently.

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