Monday, 17 December 2012

Golden Day

I have recently seen in excess of 100 Teal at Shellingford Quarry and today there were 4 Egyptian Geese in a field by the Cote backroad along with 65 Mute Swans. In a field alongside the Aston to Chimney road there were 165 plus Golden Plover with many Lapwing dotted about also several hundred Gulls - sorry Larophiles I didn't take time to try and sort them (lifes too short). Good sized flocks of Winter Thrush further along toward Chimney public car park and a couple of Kestrel were playing the air waves.
Earlier at Sir Clives and Lady MTs close views of Jays that annoyingly flew away every time I was about to press the shutter, Great Tit BlueTit, and Coal Tit were constantly visiting the feeder as were Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Tree Sparrow.
Stepped arrangement of under tail feathers in Willow Tit

The white mark at the base of the bill tells us the bird on the left is Marsh Tit the bird on the right is a Willow Tit

Couldn't resist posting another photo of the fiery headed one

Distant Golden Plover

a couple of the somewhat weird Egyptian Geese

Tree Sparrow and Reed Bunting - the sun played havoc with photography today


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