Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I burnt rubber as I cycled to a mates place in Uffington today although it could have been the tyres making under pressure sounds as they did their best to withstand the weight of a rather well fed Oxon birder.
The Meadowsweet that is now flowering alongside the roads is of the most wonderful fragrance and its easy to see why in the past it was liberally strewn about the floors of cottage and hovel - a sort of poor mans aerosol .
Photographed a nest box by South Leigh that had the recent Bumble Bee colonizer Tree Bee buzzing around, the Bees have been using this nest box some time now and there appeared to be many hundreds. Remarkably this Bee was only first spotted in Wiltshire in 2001 but is now established widely in our country.
Nice few Greenfinch in the garden at the present time and at the risk of upsetting all my garden bird feeding friends I am showing a photo I took today of a Wood Pigeon I wonder why I seem to be the only one that finds the oh! so subtle greys most attractive.
                                             Tree Bee      Bombus Hypnorum.
                                           Wood Pigeon or Ring-Necked Dove

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