Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Whats the difference between an Admiral and a Red Admiral?

That's easy : The Admiral of the Fleet can be photographed but the Red Admiral just will not either stay still or will not open its wings to display its gorgeous colouring or at least that was the situation this afternoon when I found time to walk a field almost opposite my Stanford Home. The field in question was earlier in the season sown with wheat but to the chagrin of the farmer (A mate of mine) the weed population has won the battle of dominance and the result is an Insect paradise, this particular farmer is a credit to the farming community with his acceptance that our native wildlife is part and parcel of our place on this planet and his practice of leaving odd bits and pieces of land for the flora and fauna is most commendable and earns him my greatest respect.
Apart from a few Red Admirals, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell were in profusion with loads of Skippers, Gatekeepers and assorted Bumble Bees.

                                          This was the only shot I managed of open winged Red Admiral
                                           OK it looks Spear Thistley but somethings not quite right

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