Tuesday, 23 July 2013

No Hidein Place

With the recent destruction of the Farmoor Pinkhill Hide through arson we all need to let Thames Water know how much we appreciate their efforts on behalf of the Farmoor Reservoir wildlife . I guess one of the most effective ways is to post on their website letting Thames Water know that the hide was an important part of the Farmoor wildlife experience. Birders as a regular group of visitors paying £2 for a days parking implore them to replace this facility in order for the scrape and surrounding vegetation previously overlooked from the hide to be monitored once again.
Today astride my trusty rubber wheeled steed I booted it into action with a somewhat lethargic pedalling action that took me in the afternoon heat to Sheepcroft Farm on the outskirts of Stanford in the Vale Butterflies were everywhere and I must have had a list totalling in excess of a dozen different species. Buzzard soared the thermals and a probable Brown Hawker Dragon flew restlessly giving me no chance of a photo, although a Banded Demoiselle that was sunning itself in midstream of the river Ock posed like a catwalk model.
                                           Banded Demoiselle
                                             Small Skipper

                                            Small Skipper


  1. Hi Bazzer,
    Nice pictures :-)
    Has the SX50 arrived?

    1. Yeah and it's pretty good. just loved your reply to the god fearing freak, I did post him but thought better of it and scrubbed it as there is no reasoning with the obsessed.
      Your writing style is under-rated but most entertaining.