Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Thousands and Thousands

A leisurely ride out to Baulking Quarry to photograph a few of the wide selection of Dragons to be found there in the heat of the afternoon sun was hard work even just pedalling slowly. After hiding the bike in a nearby ditch and walking across the freshly cut and turned meadow I arrived in the Quarry surrounds 'proper' with the delicious heady scent of the making hay still in my nostrils. One solitary Dragon was seen but literally thousands and thousands of Damselflies mainly of the Common Blue variety were in evidence.
Just three Lesser Black - Backed  Gulls were on the water although because of the distance and two of them not yet adults I am prepared to be corrected. Other birds seen were Linnet, Canada's and Tufted duck along with the usual Coot, Great Crested Grebe and Mallard.
Meadow Brown, Marbled White and Large Skipper were Butterflies noted whilst Five Spot Burnet was the only Moth represented.
As the time to leave approached suddenly Dragons were everywhere possibly because they were shielded from the strengthening wind by the hedge, unfortunately I had to leave as other duties beckoned.
                                              Common Blue Damselflies
                                                    Marbled White
                                                          Large Skipper
                                                  Lesser Black-Backed Gulls ?
                     Narrow Bordered Five - Spot Burnet
                                                     Meadow Brown
                                              A Motley lot
                                              Thousands and Thousands

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