Tuesday, 30 July 2013

In Drag.

Called in on friends in Uffington today, well actually I didn't as they were out, but took the opportunity to photograph a Silver Y Moth that was flutteringly busy in the garden with the Lavender. Thought i'd use the opportunity to have a look in the "Tom Brown's Schooldays" museum, but  it was one of those days, as although entry is free it opens from 2.00 pm. Got back to my motor to find some berk had parked behind me blocking me in , however with much sweaty effort interspersed with my opinion of the lack of parentage of the offending thoughtless parker, drove toward Baulking Fullers Earth Pit but took in Uffington Gorse a wood of some 10 acres with absolutely no sign of Gorse anywhere and apart from Buzzard and juvenile Blue tits the only other interest was a whacking great Bumble Bee and a couple of Speckled Wood Butterflies.
Moving on to the pit and full of  hope that a few Dragonflies would be at home I parked the car on the southern edge of the pit and was pleased to find a couple of Drags on patrol. A Common male Darter posed nicely and what I guess is a female of the same species. Lots of Butterflies and other Insects but rather a paucity of our feathered friends , of course there were the usual Coots and at least one pair of Swans along with some Ducks but these were at the farthest end from me and time dictated I should be on my way.

 I have been feeding barley in the garden to establish if any of the garden birds will eat this very hard grain and with the recent rains presumably softening it suddenly the sparrows were taking it.

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