Friday, 26 July 2013

Managed to Hal-Finch it.

Car went in for service and MOT so I decided to walk across the fields to Hatford  then on to sandy lane and have a wander in the Warren , this is a large wood of mainly conifers but being on light sandy soil the non-treed parts are good for insects and following a chat with the ever smiling Pat of Barn Owl fame who told me it used to be good for Lizards set off in the once again searing midday heat to try my luck.
Butterflies were everywhere and the usual Meadows and Ringlets were to the fore but close on their heels were Skippers and Gatekeepers and I became quite excited when a Skipper with spotted wings settled in a Bindweed but after a while it became apparent it was just a Large Skipper. I eventually arrived at the Warren but had little time to spare as with so many Insects to look at and take photos of I had dawdled on the way. A call on my mobile told me the car would be ready in an hours time so arranged to be picked up at Hatford saving a mile or so walk, anyway the back entrance to the Warren was alive with Red Admiral, Peacock and many other Insects but after promising myself a trip back in the near future I just got to Hatford with a couple of minutes to spare although my car and driver were waiting. About 200 yards from my car I had managed to steal up on a pair of Goldfinch and nick a photo before they realised it, listening to the noise they were making I guess if they had computer access they would be on twitter.

                                          Mottled Grasshopper


                                          The Hoverfly below is I think Epysyrphus Balteatus.

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