Thursday, 10 October 2013

Childrey Limekiln

A strong cold northerly wind blew today when I walked from the Childrey Holloway - Letcombe turn to and beyond the old disused limekiln, initially the chalk downland was flat but after a mile or so the terrain became steeply hilly giving far reaching views across the downs. Two Wheatear were a delight as they flitted along in front of me for several hundred yards before deciding to stay on the ground where they were presumably finding some sustenance in the recently cultivated ground. A party of six Long tailed Tits, two Red Kites , a sparrowhawk, several Pheasants and the ever present Corvids and Pigeons were seen.
The bridle track had been leveled by some sort of farm machine, and the hedgerows had also been cut back. In the mature tree areas a team of two workmen were taking off branches I guess in the interests of safety. A pair of horse riders were the only other folk I saw and the sight of the horses being ridden up hill at a canter left me admiring the strength and fitness they displayed leaving me thankful that in my breathless state I was able to take a rest when the going got a bit heavy.
                                         Wheatear finding some sustenance. now you see it -
                                                - now you don't

                                             Beaded Chestnut.

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