Wednesday, 23 October 2013


The Hare is a strange creature with staring eyes that moved previous generations to believe they were in cahoots with the devil and bound up in witchcraft. Of course these fanciful beliefs were nothing more than ignorance as we now know those big staring eyes that are fitted to the side to give side, front and rear vision are the result of evolution. With this all round vision it is weird that they will approach to within a few yards before suddenly realising one is right in front of them and well within striking distance if one wished harm. The fact is unless they twist the head one way or the other what they mainly see are side views.
Had my first big flock of Fieldfare yesterday some two hundred and apart from Red Kite and November Moth not too much to share with you.
The Oxonfeather.
                                          At the last moment it saw me and hurriedly turned away
                                         Distant Red Kite
                                           November Moth
                                         Plume Moth emmelina monodactyla   I think.
                                             And again   
                                          Dunno yet.

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