Sunday, 6 October 2013

Super Supercilium.

Oh Man! Oh Man! Oh Man! Two smashing Yellow - Browed Warblers through the county recently and the score to camboy is nil due mainly to circumstances, in that the first great find by The Gnome on his patch at Port Meadow came at a time when other family activities dictated my presence was more important elsewhere. The second at Abingdon Science Park meant that by the time I had checked out the other likely herbage adjacent to the park I had run out of time not least because of the rather interesting habitat in the area that I am afraid I became somewhat engrossed in, nevertheless apart from a dazzling Kingfisher and more common fare I missed it. The feeling of out-of-town-birders spotting our "goodies" (two Lincolnshire birders working in Abingdon on a temporary basis reported it) rankles a little especially as not too far away a few year ago a White - Rumped Sandpiper was also found by a birder from a neighbouring county.
                                         2 Yellow-Browed Warblers but camboy scores a Duck
                                               Female Speckled Bush-Cricket
                                               Marbled Beauty

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