Monday, 14 October 2013

Hardwick & Cote.

Only had time to dash to Hardwick gravel pit and check if the Red-Crested Pochard were still there in the huge numbers they were Friday, and they were again there in good numbers. I reckon about fifty nine so not as many as the other day and for some reason they seemed rather skittish, taking to the wing when they saw me although I guess they could have been making for their evening lake site as I only managed to get there late afternoon. I reckon there were also around thirty plus Wigeon that also up and left with the R-C P.
Took the Cote back road on the way home and saw a Buzzard lazily fly from a hedge on my left and land rather untidily a couple of hundred yards in a hedge to my right. Further on I came across eleven Red-Legged Partridge running down the road in front of me and several hundred Black-Headed Gulls were in the fields alongside the road as I approached Aston.
The Oxon Feather.


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