Thursday, 3 October 2013

Swan Lake.

Tied up and unable to get to see the recent "goodies" that have shown up on Otmoor, Port Meadow and Farmoor , did manage to get along to Shellingford Quarry Thursday and noted 8 Common Snipe, several Tufted Duck, quite a few Dabchicks, likewise Teal, 1 Cormorant and 1 Little Egret. Smaller birds were represented by Gold and Chaffinch.
There have been a pair of Swans that bred on the quarry this time producing just 2 Cygnets sadly all that is left of this graceful family are the scattered feathers of the dead leaving 1 living and presumably lonely adult this rather sad demise of the Swans is most probably due to the Foxes that live close by.
                                           Lonely Swan
                                          Scattered feathery remains of the Swan family
                                          Some of the interesting geology at the quarry.
                                            Tufted Duck
                                          Yeah! It's another Moff.

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