Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What d'ya reckon?

Yesterday I intended to walk far and bird interestingly in the event I called in on a birding mate and got chatting as a consequence I found myself with no time to go walking . No problem as my mate is a hive of activity and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the natural world so as they say in all the best or worst television programmes "swings and roundabouts"
Had earlier called in at another mates place, he was out so I then motored on to top up one of our Tree Sparrow sites that I am feeding this week as our usual volunteer Albert is presently away quite possibly living the high life on holiday somewhere
oxon feather. 
   Quite far away but just got the camera on it before it flew-probably a Blue Tit what d'ya reckon               
                                          My mates garden fowl
                                           Garden Rose Tortrix

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