Thursday, 31 October 2013

Shirking Shrike.

Great Grey Shrike reported from Abingdon in the Barton Fields area. This wildlife reserve managed by the Abingdon Naturalists Society is a really super site in a riparian and rough reed and grassland setting fostering many plant species attractive to other animal life particularly birds and insects.
In the event the Great Grey Shrike was not to be found although their winter territories can be huge and the bird may just have been further afield.
A surprising find was two hen Pheasants atop a Hawthorn feasting on Haws unconcerned by the fairly close proximity of passing pedestrians. Apart from some rather common birds including a pair of Tufted Duck and with no sign of the Great Grey Shrike I decided to head for home and had a nice view of a Kestrel sat on electric wires, close to West Hanney.
The Oxonfeather.

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