Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Derrick the Crane.

In my Moth Trap (outside loo with light left on overnight) Derrick the Crane has decided to hoist himself onto this Feathered Gothic Moth looking like it could s moth er it, Derrick is one of hundreds of thousands of Crane Flies currently emerging just about everywhere.
With the warm afternoons we are experiencing, the Butterflies are making the best of it with many Speckled Wood and mixed Whites in abundance.
A walk along the Ridgeway starting at Sparsholt Firs and passing along the top of Crowhole bottom and Childrey Warren and giving me a feeling of exhileration as I felt I was on top of the world. I guess I saw about a dozen of both Common Buzzard and Red Kite plus two Kestrel.
                                             Derrick being over friendly
                                            Rabbit catcher
                                          On top of the world

                                           Distant Kestrel
                                          Looks like a Silver Y Moth to me

                         Nettle Tap  Micro Moths on Goats Beard or Jack go to bed at Noon

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