Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Harvest is in but I still found Wheatears.

I intended to bike down to Shellingford Pit today (Wednesday 18th) but I was a little short of time and the wind was a bit fresh so I drove there in the car (I am quite pathetic in inventing reasons to take the easy option) Found three Wheatear on the ploughed field by the side of the pit, also saw two hunting Kestrel, four Yellowhammer, four Mute Swan including two cygnet, one Heron, five Common Snipe, eight Coot, two Tufted Duck and one Dabchick.
                                          Any Ideas ?
                                            House Sparrows at the feeders - also a Coal Tit earlier

                                           Buzzard Grub

                                            Still active Wasps Nest


  1. That "Any Ideas?" photo is seriously odd - looks like a cross between Wryneck, Little Bustard and Bittern......bizarre.


    1. Yeah I know what you mean Leo it was quite far away as you can tell by the poor quality photo and when I looked again it had disappeared.
      Congratulations on the Wryneck I managed a fairly brief view of it but they are super birds. A pity they are going to build on your Grove patch you often turn up some good birds there.
      Best Wishes, Barry.

  2. Thanks Barry, I still can't figure out what it could be....
    Grove is definitely a shame, but I guess these things happen. Should still be some good stuff this winter - November is a good time for raptors and showed up Hen Harrier, Merlin, SE Owl, Peregrine and a few Barn Owls all in the space of a weekend last year. Definitely worth having a look before it all goes....

    Cheers, Leo

    1. Hi Leo, Have spoken to Lewbelu Lewington and he reckons I have taken a photo of several plants all conspiring to make a monkey of me (throw me a banana)and because Ian is the absolute dogs bollocks on bird identification I strongly suspect he is right, unfortunately, but I will have a look down there later on today because it would be so wonderful to get something really unusual at the quarry.
      All the Best, Barry.

  3. Hi Barry,

    Bloody plants.....they had me too :-)

    Cheers, Leo