Monday, 16 September 2013

Far Ranging View From The Rangers Office.

Our Farmoor Open Day on Sunday brought together some of Oxfordshires greatest birders and I and Dr Alan Larkman manned the OOS display in the office, a call from I think Ian Lewington (the  worlds no1 bird illustrator) letting us in the office know that a Peregrine Falcon was swooping high then skimming low across the tops of the choppy waves and  continued to do so for at least five minutes as it unsuccessfully stooped at firstly Duck then a Gull, this was a treat making the two quid to exit the car park well worth it. We also had the pleasure of meeting up with some of the Buckinghamshire Birding Club who had by chance chosen this day for a walk round the reservoir, as usual we met some interesting and entertaining folk and our thanks are due to Matt Prior for making the event possible.
Dai John, Ray Bellis and Lewbelu Lewington proved to be a cracking team as they offered their services to either guide folk across the causeway or talk birds at a high level of knowledge. A species list of fifty nine was down from our usual count but along with the Peregrine a young Pintail was admired by all. Our usual co/displayer Keith Mortimer representing IN Focus showed an extensive range of bins, tels, and cameras and because Keith lives relatively close by near Bath he rather enjoys this venue as he can be home quite soon after the finish.
The lovely Lady in the sailing club provides cooked snacks and meals at incredibly low prices and I availed myself of a super bacon roll topped off with a fried egg all this for a mere one pound fifty, excuse me while I have a remembrance slurp.
 Here are a couple of Moths for you mother lovers I hope these challenge the Gnome who is pretty good with Moth id.

                                 I reckon this is a Lunar Underwing.

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  1. Ok seeings as no one has taken on the id of these two then I will tell you the first is Feathered Gothic a most striking moth and the second is rather obvious I mean just look at its front appendage yes its a Snout Moth.