Thursday, 19 September 2013

Wallet could happen to anyone.

Caring duties today 19/09/13 meant A hurried trip to Pit 60 at Standlake leaving my Brother in Law sat in the car while I scanned the lake, with work being carried on the site there was not too much of interest and I dashed back to Stanford in the Vale and called in the local Coop to get the latest edition of doom and disaster ie a newspaper. That's when I discovered my wallet was missing and so quickly jumped back in the motor to retrace my steps eventually arriving back at pit 60. I had only been in the hide a few minutes frantically searching when a chap came in and asked if I was Barry Hudson well even I can get that one right and I answered in the affirmative. He told me that he had found my wallet and had given it to the likable, hard working and enthusiastic Lower Windrush Valley Project Officer Jane Bowley I can't tell you the relief that surged through me and if he had been female I would have kissed him but he wasn't and I would sooner lower my testicles into a boiling pan of water than kiss a bloke, Jane arrived soon after and gave the wallet back to me - So a huge thank you to the LWV team for their honesty and helpfulness. Of course it killed off any chance of birding but lets see what turns up tomorrow.
                                           Probably    Common Marbled Carpet
camboy.                              Probably   Eudonia Angustea

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