Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Would have been Dire without the Mire.

A couple of texts reached me today kindly letting me know that a Wryneck had been located by Dr Graham Lenton on Otmoor, at the time I was on Goosey Green pushing the bike along a stretch of meadow close to Goosey Mere and visiting where I spent my Primary School days, this school had the biggest playground in the country as the little bit of tarmac supplied meant we pupils usually over ran this small patch and spread far and wide over the huge green. Myself my two Sisters and Brother walked to school a round trip of five miles but mostly pleasant memories were re-lived today.
Birding interest was sparse with a few Linnets, House Sparrows and the usual Corvids, Wood Pigeons,  Chaffinches, Blackbirds and close views of a Red Kite, the boggy mire that makes up part of the green saved the day with good views of a Common Darter Dragon.

This Mare and Foal turned and showed a part of their anatomy that I hope they didn't think described me.

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