Friday, 27 September 2013

Westcot and beyond South Farm.

Off to a good start this morning and parked in Westcot Lane before hoofing it into great countryside where apart from occasional horse riders I have the great outdoors to myself, yippee! not a bleeding pooch in sight not even on the horizon , small wonder the wildlife has an easier life here.
A few Goldfinch, couple of Wrens, usual Blackbirds, Corvids, Woodpigeon, Robins, two Buzzard, two Red Kite, two Kestrel and a pleasant surprise in the form of two late Whitethroats.
Butterflies were out in number with Speckled Wood everywhere, also two Red Admiral, A dainty and delightful Small Copper and a lot of Comma's including nine of these colourful individuals in close proximity feeding on Blackberries all on one bush.
At South Farm a huge sprayer was spraying pre-emergent herbicide on the recently sown wheat fields and I chatted to the Farmer who told me this specialist machine costs over £200,000 and has no other uses, this is so different from when my Dad farmed South Farm I think from 1949 until 1970 and is where I grew up or was it dragged up, well i'll leave you to decide on that one.
I guess I walked eight to ten miles today so you will probably realise I was pretty well knackered by the time I made it back to the motor and headed back to Stanford. Apart from the Whitethroats all quite common fare but believe me I really enjoyed my day on a most pleasant day in old England.
       Looking from Westcot Lane to a part of Sparsholt known as Watery Lane
                                         Comma on Blackberry
                                        High in the sky a Red Kite

                                              Speckled Wood
                                        the delightful Small Copper

                                          Red Admiral
                                           A bit of old England
    Another shot of yesterdays micro the Twenty-Plume Moth with wings closed

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