Thursday, 26 September 2013

Grove to Hanney

Parked up at the edge of Grove and walked the green track to Hanney, not sure how far that is but probably a round trip of five miles or so. From a birding point of view it was disappointing bearing in mind this is very good small bird habitat being a rough and ready thick double hedge with plenty of natural food and cover. I suspect there is so much food about at the moment that what birds there are in the vicinity are widespread and well hidden by the foliage.
A few Chaffinch were seen and a bullfinch heard, other birds noted were Wren, Blackbird, assorted Corvids, and Robins that are now singing, albeit in some cases with rather scratchy out of tune offerings that will with a little time soon become that mellow and oh so sad sounding song we are all  familiar with.
Only Moth interest today was a micro Twenty-Plume Moth that gave me an opportunity to photograph it when it settled on the shower curtain.
                                          Micro Twenty - Plume Moth

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