Monday, 25 June 2012

At Last the Pain is Over

 Watched England getting put out of the European Cup last night, I'm
beginning to think the three lions shirt emblem should be replaced with
three lambs. 
Along with other OOS committee members attended the weekend Oxford Bioblitz
event, we didn't have a very busy time but met some really interesting
people and our stand was quite close to the Wrights of Shotover fame and the
reptilian stand of Rod Dayala (a speaker at one of the coming seasons indoor
OOS meetings) his display included a live Adder.

Thanks to Dai, Roger and Ian S who all correctly identified the caterpillar
photo as Mullein Moth. Today's offering is Fungi growing beneath an Ash Tree
in my garden. One identifying opportunity everyone excepting Dai missed in
an earlier post titled 'Something Missing Your Life' was a pic of a White
Thistle something I'd not seen before but S from Ashmolean Rare Plants tells
me they do occasionally occur.

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