Friday, 29 June 2012


Pat-Barn Owl-Wixey has been back to the site where a Sparrowhawk has been noticed closely in the vicinity of a dovecote housing young raptors and they are in fact Kestrel Chicks. So it looks like the Sparrowhawk has been preying on the Doves (hardly any left) and the adult Kestrels have been travelling incognito or at least in the eyes of the owner of the dovecote who was unaware of their presence.
Driving through Clanfield just the other dayI noticed the banks of the stream running through the village being attacked with strim-happy individuals. I am at a loss to understand why the locals think digging it deeper or clearing vegetation from it will prevent the disaster that occured when it flooded so bad a couple of year back, surely the problem was the water was unable to get away due entirely to the level of the nearby Thames and the only solution is to move the Thames, alas the only thing that has been moved is a thriving population of Water Voles.


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