Saturday, 9 June 2012

Something missing In Your Life ?

Well I hope my blog can go some way to filling the gap. My intention is to show you how a below average birder still manages to get so much enjoyment from what may often seem rather ordinary.
My main interests are the Oxford Ornithologists Tree Sparrow Project and the disappearing farmland birds of our county and I must admit to being fascinated by the flora and fauna I encounter on my many Oxon birding trips.Please use the comments box to let me know if you think i've got something right or wrong , a large part of this blog will hopefully be the interaction between us. I hope you don't mind but my first picture is a photo I snapped just yesterday 8/06/12 of a Thistle now it maybe quite common but I have never seen one before so please tell me if it is unusual. Not to worry I will also post a birdie pic.

camboy oxon feather.

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