Friday, 15 June 2012

Don't Be Shy-Come Up And See Me Sometime.

So far i've had one offer of help with the farmland birds feeding trial that I will be starting this autumn and i'm really grateful but I still need I estimate another 3 or 4 enthusiasts so take this rare opportunity to get  involved in trying to make a difference to the birds in your locality.
I'm also looking for opinions on the often dubious content I put on this blog, the snag with no feed back is the very real danger of me thinking i'm always right, and of course when I answer myself in my minds eye I always win the argument well we all do don't we ? so challenge me and make me think, for through thought we learn or at least theres a chance we will.
A return to the grey of recent days with a probability of yet more rain, and the pain continues for so many of our avian friends struggling to leave viable populations of their own kinds-surely there will be some respite for them soon although for some single breeders it's already too late.
Just back from the opticians have been in to replace the 2 pairs that bit the dust after only a couple of months of my hopelessness, the first pair are in the middle of a field somewhere when the bending down and sniffing a Ragged Robin became more important than being careful with my specs, and the other pair I really enjoyed twirling them round and round disregarding the warnings from friends and family that the side arms would break off, I always think I know better and here I am paying for my patheticness.

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