Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lisle Style

Motored to Kingston Lisle in a last hopeful shot of noting the return of the Spotted Flycatchers that have bred here for over 25 years. My niece Linda & husband John thought they had a possible sighting a fortnight ago and only this very morning Linda was certain she saw a Spot.Fly on a branch in the garden not far from a nest box. Set up camcorder and waited hopefully not a sausage- and the nest box was obviously deserted, but then it happened on a roof 2 houses away sat a Spotty and it then flew into a Cherry Tree to join its mate and i'm so happy that this isn't another site I have to write off and they've been here all along just a slight movement from their usual spot. This is the type of sighting that really gets my blood racing for when we lose what used to be quite common its a sure sign something worrying is going on. Our insect feeders really need a decent run of good weather if they are going to have any chance to get back on track, the weatherman is not very up-beat about the long term prospects.

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