Thursday, 21 June 2012

Star Dove

I make no apology for posting the Buscot Turtle Dove on the blog once again as the bird is such a star, seemingly performing for one and all. I found myself at the lock to furnish the lock keeper with a long promised replacement feeder although Jon wasn’t on duty, so handed it to the relief lock keeper who unlike Jon had very little knowledge and even less interest in birds, but having carried out my task I walked on along the riverside and noted a most striking Kingfisher in sparkling breeding plumage a very active Reed Warbler and an extremely busy and complaining Jenny Wren. The weather was very warm and quite humid and consequently the place was literally buzzing with insect life and it is noticeable how this awry breeding appears to be resulting in many species doing it all later than usual.
The morning had been spent at a mates place where we watched a Red Kite take scraps off the lawn from just yards away, although the bird was very wary and took ages sussing out the situation before hunger finally got the better of it. A little later a Buzzard appeared and the Kite seemed to try to spiral above it but the Buzzard was keeping a height advantage and it seemed the Kite felt threatened and would not risk taking any remaining scraps.

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