Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fed Up

A topic currently under discussion on Oxonbirds is the feeding of garden birds and amazingly - so far no one has started being uneccessarily rude and hurtful.
I mention this topic as I am intending to trial this Autumn/Winter side by side bird feeding strips. We presently feed a mixture of seeds including weed seed waste from the grain cleaners.
My intention is to monitor the birds and the seeds in the ratios they are used, for I have no doubt some seeds are wasted as the birds pick out their favourites. The use of cage restrictors at some stage to exclude the Corvids, Pigeons and Pheasants will be employed. This will be a ground feeding trial and take place in the Eynsham area I intend to visit at least once a week and probably much more often but am restricted by petrol costs and am therefore looking for volunteers to observe from under cover and report from the site noting all aspects of bird behaviour particularly feeding behaviour. If I can prove exactly which seeds are used and by whom, financially we can make better use of our funds. Also needed will be observation of other wild creatures that may take substantial amounts of feed including Muntjac and Rodents.
If YOU have ideas to put forward for this project and/or the time to make a difference to the farmland birds of Oxfordshire take a step forward and stand proud.
Nature often throws up the surprising, and the feeding of millet grain at the Farmmor hide resulted in the discovery (at least for me) of the use of this seed by Marsh Tit, not really a bird I would have classed as a grain eater -so well done Dai & Matt and keep up the good work.


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