Thursday, 28 June 2012

No Flies Caught and Nothing Spotted.

I had a good year last year with quite a few sightings of Spotted Flycaychers in the county but this year i've drawn a blank. They are not even at my Niece's place at Kingston Lisle and this has been a reliable nesting site for quite some time now. A site I found them at last year in the village of Grafton in the garden of an old farmhouse owned my a lovely old lady I no longer have access to after she tragically died in a traffic accident, I hope very much they are still in this location, particularly as she was very excited when I identified them for her. I had initially responded to a request from her to confirm that she had Nightingale singing in the garden, this I was unable to do as the birds she asked me to listen to were in fact Song Thrush but she accepted the truth with graciousness and the rambling old fashioned garden would have turned up other interesting birds it is a great pity I no longer have access.

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