Friday, 27 July 2012

A Good Day.

Started the day bagging up Wheat with Alan Larkman for our farmland birds project, noticed this smashing little sky-blue butterfly on the patio identified it as a  Holly Blue, next about to set off for Strawberry Haynes' at East Challow to purchase some tubs to store the wheat in when I noticed a super moth on the patio door it was a Grey Dagger Moth. Returned from East Challow drank a cup of coffee , collected the eggs and i'm afraid they set me off on an orgy of self indulgence that manifested itself in a fry up including three slices of fried bread , three rashers, three eggs and a tin of plum tomatoes - diet what diet? - Fell asleep for an hour then decided to follow up on an interesting conversation I recently had with that top rate west Oxon birder dr Bill Haynes he had noticed on a trip to Buscot just the other day that the Turtle Dove was still purring away but now had a different pattern from its previous routine and visited a hedgerow now and again, I found the same pattern so one hopes against hope that it has a mate and has bred. Called in on a mate at Faringdon on my way back to Bampton met his lovely wife for the first time and over a cup of tea in the garden was entertained by a Southern Hawker that came right up close to inspect us nevertheless as is often the way with the Dragons it didn't settle so I missed a photo opportunity. Since losing Linda I can't express how important Family , Friends and nature have been, I really do appreciate everyones patience and kindness.
Holly Blue

Grey Dagger Moth

Turtle Dove

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