Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hooray Henrys.

Stereotyping is a dangerous practise not least because it often assumes an inferiority of intellect of those who hold views different to ones own. A case in point is the poking of fun at the shooting fraternity as if they are stupid, this I can assure you is most certainly not the case and there are many very clever brains out there justifying the wholesale slaughter of gamebirds, an argument one would think impossible to win, but winning they are although often with suspect research from institutions desperate for funding.
Just look at the clever names of their campaigns SOS (save our songbirds) and songbird survival to an uninformed and usually only midly interested public these are obvious and opinion forming by the use of a few letters. So what can I come up with how about Save Hawks in Trouble  or shit for short doesn't quite roll off the tongue does it ? If we are to get across to the powers that be, we need reasoned and researched arguments. So how do I stand on the killing of creatures for self gratification it doesn't really bother me because things live and things die and so it has always been and always will be and a Pheasant will have no preference to being taken by a fox or shot by a person, indeed it is well to remember that mercy is not an understood concept in the natural world, but what I do care passionately about is when the activities of people seriously impinge on the countryside to such an extent that the way our food is grown and sporting excess result in the loss of species and often with the dubious excuse of " gotta turn a profit guv"  Shooters must and I mean they really must start being more responsible in their attitudes toward a more sensibly balanced countryside and get away from what has been called by themselves The Numbers Game a term first used many years past by shooting folk to describe the guilt felt because of disproportionate and inappropriate numbers of Pheasants released, leading to abuse of the countryside  examples being the supplying of shoot days to the  corporate sector and over indulgence in the slaughter of gamebirds.

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