Sunday, 8 July 2012

Snake in the Grass.

But no need for alarm although the Grass Snake startled me as it slid away a little too quickly for a photo at Shellingford Quarry yesterday, this is a good site for these harmless reptiles and apart from this snake it was quiet on the birding front with only a mixture of Finch a Whitethroat and a very tuneful chorus from Song Thrush and Blackbird. From my photo you can see that I viewed a Blood Vein Moth and a purple/mauve flower that I will leave you to name. The forecast of a huge deluge of rain thankfully failed to materialise although a phone call from a cousin holidaying in Devon told of tropical like rainfall, lets hope it continues to hold off.



  1. Step on it and it will spring back and thus it's name of Self-heal is gained. Prunella vulgaris; definately not Prunella modularis!
    A tall specimen probably because of its less common position, growing among taller herbage, and having to compete for even less available light.

    1. Is there no end to this mans knowledge ?
      I think not.