Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Birds-A Lawn Unto Themselves.

Sunday morning feeling fidgetty, strummed away on my old guitar (what a row), had a look out of the window and sure enough a bit of interest with Jackdaw, Stock Dove, Wood Pigeon and a skulking Dunnock. Snapped a few pics noticed something most unusual yep! youv'e guessed it the sun was shining .
Had a browse through that excellent bird book 'Stonechats' by Ewan Urquhart a local author and read in the forward that he has still not seen all the Stonechats, the book was published some ten years past and I am wondering if he has managed to 'clock' a few more ?
Stock Dove

S. Dove W. Pigeon and Jackdaw looking like satan


Stonechat at Baulking Pit

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