Tuesday, 31 July 2012

"Common but cute" As the Bishop said to the Actress

Shellingford Quarry turned up a couple of butterflies a rather attractive Gate keeper and a common Ringlet, birds were about but once again nothing out of the ordinary A Green Woodpecker plus an assortment of Finches including Gold, Green, and Chaff. The flora was represented by Fleabane and among others Ragwort with a Cinnabar Caterpillar feeding on it.
My first stop had been filling up feeders for our Tree Sparrows as our volunteer Albert is away on holiday and I missed his charm and gentle Irish brogue. By the way Albert puts in a fair bit of time on the Oxon Water Voles and also helps Pat Wixey with his Barn Owls we are so grateful for the selfless effort of people like Albert.


Cinnabar on Ragwort

Tall Melilot
Camboy.                                 Tree Sparrow chicks waiting to be fed          

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