Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What a Chopper!

Re-visited the Lyford to West Hanney back road today looking for the Gulls I spotted yesterday when I couldn't stop due to running late ,found them on a grass field west of the road, Looks like a mixture of L B- B Gulls, Herring G and a few BHGs interspersed with juveniles I have it on good authority they are probably only using the field for resting and there is a flooded or other source of food in the vicinity I counted circa 250. Also noted A Yellowhammer posing in the road before I moved on to and parked up in West Hanney taking the bridleway to Denchworth A flighty but most elegant Yellow Wagtail exited before I could bring my camera to bear, Skylarks were in abundance but were not "sitting" for the camera and on a muck heap a Pied Wagtail posed but didn't fire my enthusiasm, the Yellow Wagtail was keeping just out of range mainly due to a helicopter on presumably a training mission that disrupted everything and I felt like a Taliban fighter under threat, just glad I haven't got a big scruffy beard reaching down to my chest. The chopper meant my birding trip was at an end so I concentrated on the plants and insects and took a pic of a rather beautiful Field Bindweed  complete with Hover Fly the flower was a georgeous striped pink but less said lest you doubt my gender. I snapped another Hover Fly on A Thistle and an insect I will leave you to identify along with a yellow flowered plant with red stalks.


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