Monday, 9 July 2012

More or Less.

Restricted to views from the car as I treated my Mother-in-Law to a ride round the countryside, this I do at least once a week to give her some relief from the four walls and a television that has become the norm since she has become a resident at a Stanford-in-the-Vale old folks home, excellent staff and excellent conditions but still not life as she used to know it.
A grass field not far from Denchworth held I guess over 200 Lesser Black-Backed Gulls including varying ages of the same species, only had a passing sight of them so it's probable that other species were among them and if I get time on Tuesday i'll see if they're still in the same location.
Later in the day went to Alan Larkmans to try and get a few shots of juvenile Marsh Tit and they were about but every time I pressed the camera button they avoided being taken eventually I gave up, so will try again in a few days time when I hope they will stop having a laugh at my expense. Speaking of photographs we have some super local camera operators and Roger Wyatt is a supreme  example his patience must be "something else" for many of his pics are sublime.
Unable to snap anything interesting today i've posted a photo of a Waxwing I clocked a couple of year past at Aston a few mile up the road from my Bampton residence, this species always causes great excitement when it appears as they do periodically and they usually photograph pretty good too.

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