Tuesday, 3 July 2012

It's Good To Talk.

And sometimes it's good to listen, like the Ben Sheldon talk on the study of diseases in birds, this is an ongoing research project at  Wytham Woods by scientists and assistants of the Edward Grey Instutute. Arranged  as part of the Ashmolean Natural History of Oxford member events I was pleased to see the talk was attended by the best part of a dozen OOS members who like myself left with our heads full of many interesting facts and speculative opinions concerning the mainly avian malaria and bird pox studies currently being undertaken there. The woods were made famous by the pioneering work of the revered David Lack many years ago, initially I believe on the Robin but for a long time now the Great and Blue Tit have been the studied birds along with another project covering Mute Swans. My thanks to the ANHSO and Ben Sheldon for this splendid talk.


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