Thursday, 5 July 2012

Woolstone Wanderlust.

 Yesterday 4th July had a walk beneath the downs starting at Woolstone a pretty village from where family members visiting gardens open to the public for the weekend had last Sunday seen Spotted Flycatchers.  Nice views of a pair of Bullfinch, couple of Chiffchaff but nothing too exciting from the unusual perspective and most noticable was the unseasonal muddy conditions with water laying in puddles that in a normal year would have been more likely to have been used at this time of year as dust baths. Met a couple from Sheffield who are camping locally at britchcombe farm, and they told me of relations of theirs from Australia who spent a couple of weeks on holiday with them at their Yorkshire home recently and spent virtually the whole of the holiday huddled round the central heating radiators and were glad to get back to OZ. The weather people are talking of a lot more of the same, Great & Blue Tit, Tree Sparrow and Barn Owl are struggling badly and so am I.

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