Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Larking About.

Visited Clive today to drop off some millet for the Tree Sparrow sites where he is a volunteer, it was pouring cats and dogs again and driving back along a farm track I noticed Skylarks along the track, presumably it was more comfortable on the track than the sopping wet Oil-Seed Rape, there must have been in excess of a dozen. Don't forget the Clackers do at Blackwells all details are on the main blog.


Ladys Bedstraw

Greater Knapweed

Meadow Brown

Don't Know
Am putting some of yesterdays flower photos on today including the sweet scented Meadowsweet a plant used in past times to freshen up houses by laying on the floor although it's often full of bugs, not sure how they would have coped with them.

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