Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mystery Bird.


Mystery Bird
Busy snapping away with my cam camera getting some second rate shots due to the light behind the subject but not too worried I reckon the bird was only a Greenfinch possibly a juvenile when something flew into view and settled briefly, luckily I caught it with just one shot. Now all you ace identifiers - name that bird plus its approximate age and sex (no girls thats not an invitation, on second thoughts i'm being a bit hasty here). I can see its a warbler but which one? I have been in touch with the awesome one some call him lew some call him s--thouse and he has identified it for me, now if you all agree with him and no-one gets it wrong it confirms I am total rubbish not because i didn't identify it but because i had to check with Ian first.
cam boy


  1. Adult male Common Whitethroat

  2. Well Done RB Spot On. The only Rb I can think of with this level of knowledge will be talking at one of the OOS evening meetings later this year.